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The team that brought you The Invisible Man and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is back with a gloriously funny take on Alexandre Dumas’ 17th Century Adventure.

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We bring together emerging and established talent to perform both classic and original theatre

Black RAT is well-regarded as a top-notch provider of theatrical experiences. From lighthearted family shows and kids’ theatre to rib-tickling comedy, one thing is certain – no matter what the production, an evening with Black RAT is sure to leave you smiling.

Make sure to mark your calendar for your next theatrical adventure – with Black RAT Productions, you’re guaranteed a great night out at the theatre.



39 Steps


Bedroom Farce


Hansel & Gretel


Wind in The Willows


The Adventures of Alice


The Zoo Story


Up’n’Under: The Welsh Tour


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Our professional acting workshops will help you refine your craft and engage your audience

Black RAT Productions have been providing quality theatrical insight to students, teachers and professionals alike for years. Led by experts in the field, they offer workshops that are informative and entertaining, combining educational tools with humour and passion to keep kids engaged. The workshops range from the basics of comedy to theatre production know-how, allowing students to expand their portfolios in both areas.

For teachers or theatre leaders looking for an exciting new way to liven up the classroom or stage, Black RAT Productions can provide an invaluable resource for success.